Offset or Digital Printing?

For the best price and quality, try offset printing products first. If you require lower quantities, browse our digital products which typically have a quicker turn around. Although more expensive in per-piece cost, digital printers produce great quality print and are flexible enough to print just a few items at a time.

With Saddle Stitching, multiple pages are bound together along the fold with 2 staples. The line created by the fold is also known as the “spine.” A Perfect Bound booklet has a flat spine. In this option, the sheets of the book are gathered together, a glue is applied along the binding edge and the cover of the booklet is placed over and around it.  A book can be perfect bound as long as it is 28 pages or larger.

Yes! We understand how rare it is to order online without hidden fees, so we’re making it simple, affordable and easy on your budget. A percent of the profits from every order helps to fund education in the USA. This is our way of helping.